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Kerala Tour and Travel Packages

Explore the beauty of Kerala with our Kerala holiday tour packages. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery, serene backwaters, and vibrant culture. Our Neo Travelmart offers customized itineraries, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Discover the true essence of Kerala, where every moment is a picturesque memory waiting to be captured. Your perfect Kerala Tour awaits with us.

Do you know? National Geographic's Traveler magazine listed Kerala in the "Ten Paradises of the World" and "50 must-visit places in a lifetime". Kerala is a southern Indian state that is known for its beautiful landscapes, tropical climates, and rich culture. The state tourism is banging. If you are someone who enjoys and appreciates nature and wildlife, then Kerala feels like heaven to you. You will enjoy being in the presence of unique species of birds and wildlife in their natural habitat. Kerala is a full package combo; lush greenery and landscape consist of some of the most tranquil palm-lined beaches, backwaters, fresh springs, waterfalls, plantation-covered hills, and forests. Kerala is also famous for its beautiful temples. The architecture is breathtaking. If you are planning to visit Kerala: Alleppey, Munnar, Cochin, Wayanad, Alappuzha, Kovalam, Fort Kochi, and Athira Pilly Waterfall. The best of Kerala is its weather, and that matters the most for a good vacation. Kerala is growing but they are carrying their heritage value within; even if they move out from India, they never leave their culture behind. 

What are the best places to go while you're on Kerala's Trip? 

Kerala is also known as 'God's own Country. A holiday in Kerala is all about lazy days of sunbathing, thrilling hours of water sports, cozy moments of strolling on the sandy beach and eye-pleasing sunrise and sunset. Here are some recommendations if you are planning to visit Kerala anytime soon. 

I. Cochin: 

Once overruled y the Portuguese, Dutch, and British; Kochin has always been the center of attraction. Kochin is also known as the 'Queen of the Arabian Sea, because of its allying charm and fascinating beauty. Here you can visit the finest beach "Fort Kochi Beach", apart from that Kochi town offers you homely and traditional Kerala food. You can also explore Fort Emmanuel and several other historical landmarks around. The backwaters of Kochi are less crowded and more tranquil. It is the perfect hideout to enjoy the stunning landscape.  

II. Munnar: 

The best hill station in Kerala. Munnar is amongst the most sought travel destinations in the world. In other words, if I have described the overview of Munnar as the toughest task but still Munnar's beauty includes tea plantations, beautifully designed towns, rare flora and fauna, massive peaks and dams, and many fun activities like trekking and train rides. One of the best ways to explore Munnar is by taking a cycle tour of the canopied never-ending tea plantation and lush forests. No matter which season you visit, Munnar will always give you the best experience. 

III. Alleppey: 

Alleppey is a crown jewel of the southern Indian state of Kerala. Alleppey feels like a miniature of heaven and is often referred to as 'Venice of the East. I can guarantee you one thing; once to reach Alleppey, you won't want to leave this place. Alleppey can spoil you in so many ways, especially if you are a nature seeker. Being here is a much-needed escape from your hectic schedule. Alleppey is perfect for cruising and enjoying the local delicacies on the houseboat. Backwater is the most famous activity of Alleppey. 

IV. Thekkady: 

your trip will not count as a trip until you explore Thekkady. Thekkady is simply heaven hidden in thick forest and wild vegetation. Thekkady is the perfect place for a wildlife safari; it is home to many nearly extinct species. Thekkady is a lovely place all dolled up by Mother Nature. During your Thekkady tour, Yodha cultural village is must visit, there Kalaripayattu is best. 

V. Wayanad: 

Wayanad is a very crowded place, full of tourists known for its soothing temperature all around the year. Wayanad offers you so many beautiful and adventurous destinations; Edakkal Caves, Banasur Sagar Dam, Pookode Lake, Kuruvadweep, Phantom Rock, and Soochipara Waterfall. This place holds everything; trekking, sightseeing, fun activities, or just relaxing on the beach. Wayanad will never disappoint your visit. 

What are the activities, you need to put on your To Do list:

Kerala getaways are more like relaxing vacations than adventure trips.

Cruise the backwater on a houseboat: 

If you don't stay on a Houseboat at the backwaters, your whole trip to Kerala is incomplete. Staying on a boat with your partner is one of the most romantic getaways. Watching the sunset lying under the stars or enjoying the view of luxuriant palm trees and green forest. Living on a boat is a lifetime experience; you will feel like being in a different place. 

Enjoy Ayurvedic treatment: 

Ayurveda is nature's way to heal you. In India, Ayurveda was born way back around 5000 years ago and taught to humans by Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe. From beauty treatment to stress realizing treatment. Ayurvedic treatment helps you to build strong immunity, sharp memory, and long life. Kerala's Ayurvedic treatments are the best. The ambiance of the spa and beauty centers is so calm and relaxing. Half of your stress is released just by entering the door of Ayurvedic health resorts. 

Kathakali Performance: 

Kathakali is an ancient form of dance-drama that's traditional to Kerala. It is a 'story play' in Malayalam. Kathakali dance is where men and women wear painted faces and communicate through their eyes and hands. It is so peaceful to watch, and at the same time, it is known as it represents Indian epics. Kathakali in Kerala's performance combines dance, devotion, drama, music, costumes, and make-up into a divine experience for all who get to view it. During the entire Kathakali performance, the audience is unable to take their eyes away from the art taking place on the stage. Watching a Kathakali performance during your Kerala trip is a must. 

Watch traditional art forms: For Kerala people, their heritage value is very important and you can enjoy their traditional acts. Some of them are given below:

Theyyam Ritual in Action: 

Theyyam is a grand dance festival in Kerala. Theyyam is considered as 'Dance of God' described in two words 'Deivam' and 'Aattam', where Deivam means God and Aattam means Dance. This dance form attracts tourists from all around the globe. The Theyyam seasons last from November to March from the end of the winter harvest season to the beginning of the monsoon. If you want to enjoy the Theyyam visit around these months. 

Martial Artform Kalaripayattu: 

Martial arts are a very important form of sport for Kerala folks. In olden times, martial arts are taught in 'Gurukul's'.  Martial arts have importance in history as well. This art is an attractive spot for many tourists. This act includes strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, weaponry, and even healing methods. You can enjoy a 60-minute flight between two great fighters. You can catch Kadathanadan Kalari centre in Thekkady. 

Snake Boat race: 

Snake boats are a monsoon tradition, also known as Chundan Vakkam. It is a traditional water war. Snake boats are typically 100-120 feet long, and hold up to 100 rowers. We have seen this race in "Bhaagi 1". For Kerala people, the Nehru Trophy snake Boat race is undoubtedly the most important race of the year. This event is very fun to participate in but at the same, it very cherishing to see. So you should watch this race in your lifetime. 

Exploring waterfalls in Kerala is one of the most adventurous things you can do in Kerala. After a beautiful trek, you will see the most amazing view. We all have seen "Bahubali" and listened to "Baroso re Megha" The waterfall we have seen in those two epic shots is from one of the falls of Kerala. The two most amazing waterfalls in Kerala are "Athirappally" and "Vazhachal". However, I recommend you avoid visiting falls during monsoon season. It can disturb your fun.

Apart from these places, there are many more places you can discover and enjoy your vacation. Honestly, exploring can be difficult if we don't take advice from professionals. I have a solution for this problem too, all you need to do is hire a professional team, which does all your work. My top recommendation is  Neo Travelmart. 

Popular Kerala Tour Packages

Why choose Neo Travelmart: 

I can understand it is hard to trust someone with such a big responsibility. Giving someone the ability to plan your trip which you can enjoy, is a big fear. Vacation is a very intimidating step. That is why I am recommending to you Neo Travelmart. They are not the best travel agency but also they are very generous. They understand the importance of vacation in everyone's life, which is why they put all their heart into planning your vacation. Neo Travelmart is Kerala based travel agency, you can visit our online portal www.neotravelmart.com for further details. Neo Travelmart advisors are professionals with proper knowledge of every state and country. They have several advisors and professionals in their genres. When you contact with you will the humbleness in your first conversation. Planning a happy, safe, fun, and full vacation is hard; they have done it so easily. The Neo Travelmart team is an ideal dream team that every company wishes for. All the workers here are very hard working and respectful towards their clients. Neo Travelmart is not only an accomplished firm but also a safe place that you can trust with all your heart. 

Neo Travelmart does not love to plan your vacation but also loves to answer your queries, here are some most asked questions: 

What are the traveling tips for Kerala trip: 

. When you are in Kerala or anywhere in the world, traveling tips are very important. Here are some which can be beneficial for your Kerala trip. 

Plan your trip, being spontaneous is good but once in your whole trip. Planning is very important and thanks to your savior Neo Travelmart everything will be sorted. 

Always pack according to the weather and no matter which season visit Kerala, always carry your umbrella with you.
Keep a spare kit of extra toothbrushes, paste, towels, tampons, clothes, protein bars, and your meds. It will be your savior kit

Always carry your ID proof with you. 

Beware of con persons. 

What are the drinking laws in Kerala?

Kerala has banned the supply of alcohol but still there are some registered ventures which serve wine and beer. But still, there are several days which are known as dry days. before the dry days began, Kerala put control on the consumption of Alcohol. So, if you are worried about your vacation without liquor then chill. There are some rules you need to follow regarding Liquor consumption

What is the best time to visit Kerala? 

All time of the year is perfect but still, if you want to enjoy the real side of Kerala then you need to visit between September to March. This time of the year is nice, warm and pleasant.  It will be less humid and the weather is all nice and chilly. This time is also best for the honeymoon. If you want to enjoy your trip without getting irritated by rain and also explore the various insects and wildlife. Amazing green trees and beaches add to double the price of the beauty of Kerala. 

How much does a Kerala trip and what is the best-sold package?

There are tons of plans or packages, that Neo Travelmart offers you. A Kerala trip can cost you approx. 30k and the most sold package for your Kerala trip is 25990/-. This includes; a stay, food, local rides, and a travel guide. Neo Travelmart make sure you can stay on your budget that is why they plan your trip in what amount you select. They can also customize your plan according to your choice. 

Ideal places for bike ride in Kerala: 

A bike ride in Kerala hits differently. 

Bikes are not as fun as they are in Himachal, but they are no less than your road trip to Himachal. Exploring Kerala on bikes is fun. The mesmerizing view, green rich forest, and ever-green waterfalls can take your breath away. Here are some places you Can explore: Here are some destinations for your best bike trip: 

I. Kottayam to Vagamon Road ( distance-65 KM)

II. Munnar tea plantation: (distance- 120 KM)

III. Varkala to Kappil Beach (distance- 8 KM)

IV. Munnar to Annamali (Distanc- 160 KM

V. Chalakkufy to Valparai (distance- 88 KM)

VI. Alleppey to Kuttanand (distance-30 KM)

These places will show the blessing of nature on your way.

How much a honeymoon in Kerala can cost?

This place is a real beauty. Housing boats, a clear sky, most beautiful sunset from the top are worth watching. These places are classy and stylish. It is the top recommended honeymoon place. It seems like it can be expensive, but actually, it is not. You can easily plan your honeymoon in your budget. The top honeymoon package starts from 10k and can go up to as you want. your whole honeymoon package can be between 20k to 25k with all facilities

How many days are enough

For your trip to Kerala, 3-4 days are enough. These days you can cover the whole of Kerala. You can relax when you are in Kerala

Food you need to have during your Kerala trip. 

Kerala's body is on another level. Their whole meal revolves around coconut, rice, and tapioca / they are incomplete without furniture. Here are my suggestions you need to taste. 

I. Puttu and Kadala Curry

II. Appam and Stew

III. Malabar Parotta with Kerala beef curry

IV. Thalassery Briyani 

V. And Fish moilee. 

These fast are can be complicated, that is why come to us and we will your whole plan with your top recommendations. The Neo Travelmart is a normal tourist place with different plans. We are waiting, come with us!!

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