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Shimla Tour & Travel Packages

Discover the magic of Shimla with Neo Travelmart's Holiday Tour Packages. Immerse yourself in the charm of snow-capped mountains, explore colonial architecture, and breathe in the crisp mountain air. Our customized Shimla Tour packages offer a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for an unforgettable experience in this Himalayan retreat.

Looking for a breezy hill station filled with scenic views and warm hospitality, SHIMLA is waiting for you to offer all this and so much more! Shimla is the capital city of the North Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is just 342 km away from the Capital Delhi and easier to reach as all the means of transport are well-developed in the region. It is a perfect weekend getaway offering amazing experiences filled with fun adventures and natural wonders. You can try different fun activities while hiking around and exploring cafes with your partner and you can also visit different adventure theme parks, famous temples, and shopping centers to buy souvenirs for your loved ones. Whenever someone thinks of a hill station to go backpacking, I am sure Shimla is the one place that comes to everyone's mind first. There is a lot to do when you reach Shimla, you can visit Jakhoo Temple, Tara Devi Temple, Bantony Castle, and Christ Church. Next is shopping on the infamous Mall Road and enjoying some fun activities on Ridge. For wildlife enthusiasts, it has sanctuaries and parks.

Hey there, Trip planners! Isn't it hectic to plan, decide, and execute the trip without having a few headaches in our busy schedules especially if the destination is completely new? Don't worry anymore, we have travel experts to plan your trips, vacations, and even workstations.

Let me introduce you to Neo Travelmart, a travel agency perfect for planning your trip and satiate the wanderer in you. Let us make your Shimla Tour a memorable one with our highly-rated honeymoon and group packages for Shimla. What's stopping you from reaching Shimla now??? Let me tell you about what specifically is waiting for you in Shimla.

Experience the breathtaking landscapes of Himachal Pradesh with our Himachal travel guide. Designed for first-timers, it highlights the best activities, destinations, and tips to make your Himachal trip unforgettable. Make memories that will last a lifetime by exploring with confidence.

Top Sites to visit in Shimla: 

Shimla is full of exciting places to visit. Let's talk about the most famous places to visit when you reach Shimla with us:

Mall Road: 

Mall Road is located in the center of the town. It has a plethora of restaurants, clubs, banks, shops, post offices, and tourist offices. There is a lot you can do to enjoy your time in Shimla. Scandal Point is nearby which is famous for its sunset views. A trip to Shimla is never complete without watching at least one sunset  Point. The next thing to do around here is shop at Lakkar Bazar. This whole market is full of wooden furniture and articles that are exquisite. These streets are full of stores popular for their woolen apparel and handcrafted works from local artists.

Location: Mall Road, Shimla

Timings: 6 PM to 11 PM

Christ Church: 

Christ Church is the second oldest church in all of northeast India. It was built in 1857 by the government for the Britishers and the Anglo-Indians following Christianity and has been a symbol of devotion ever since. The great Neo-Gothic style of Architecture of the Church is truly a magnificent sight to experience. The peace and serenity surrounding the church area are also highly appreciated amongst the tourists visiting Shimla from all over the world.

Location: Mall Road, Shimla

Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM

Johnnie's Wax Museum: 

Johnnie's Wax Museum is one of the interesting places to visit in Shimla and is just 2.5 km from Shimla Railway station. In 2016, A Gurgaon-based company BM Brothers opened Johnnie's Wax Museum by taking inspiration from London's Madame Tussauds Museum, and it has been a very popular place since then. The museum features various wax statues of popular personalities from Dwayne's The Rock Johnson to Harry Potter. Moreover, you can also get a wax replica of your hand for a very affordable amount from the museum artists.

Location: Mall Road, Shimla

Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM

Hike to Jakhu Hill and Temple:

Jakhu Hill is the highest peak in the city of Shimla and with the Jakhu Hanuman Mandir, it is the best little trekking trip to add to your itinerary. The distance of Jakhu Hill from Ridge is just 2.5km and it is accessible by Car, Taxi, and even Horses. The views from Jakhu Hills are just magnificent as it doesn't include Shimla but the Shivalik Hills Range as well. Do not forget to visit Jakhu Hill when you are in Shimla.

Location: The Ridge, Shimla

Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM

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Activities to Enjoy in Shimla 

Here are the fun activities Shimla has in its package for your amazing trip:

Take the Kalka-Shimla toy train ride: 

The famous UNESCO World Heritage Kalka-Shimla Toy Train is a 96 km route filled with captivating views, bridges, tunnels, and amazing turns. The scenery throughout the journey is so breathtaking that you forget everything about your destinations wishing to go back again! The rates of the ticket vary for every company and category of the passenger but worry not! Let Neo Travelmart plan this for you as well and just sit back and watch the scenic views from the colonial history of Shimla while we take care of your trip itinerary to be perfect.

Visit Shimla Ridge: 

As mentioned above Shimla Ridge is filled with Places and activities waiting for you. Shimla Ridge generally has some celebrations and events going on and is a place to see the hustle and bustle of the city. The pleasant open space of Ridge is just so fantastic to spend a chilly afternoon and try local snacks of Himachal on your way around.

Chill out at the Mall Road:

Mall Road is located just a level below the Ridge and is a common hangout point and shopping place for tourists. The Town Hall here is a must-visit for history and architecture lovers to get good knowledge about the long-standing history of the Town since the days of the British Empire. Mall Road also has a Tibetan Market area which should not be missed if you want to explore Tibetan Culture and food. Do not forget to take the blessing of Goddess Kali from 1845 built the Kali Bari Temple on your way. At the end of your day, it is time to watch the sunset view from the scandal point and enjoy more of the local food!

Shop at Lakkar Bazar: 

as the name suggests, the lakkar bazaar offers a variety of wooden handicrafts and furniture. This place is the best to get souvenirs for your loved one and memories of your own from Shimla. If you are a shopaholic, Lakkar Bazaar has a variety of woolen clothes, pashmina shawls, Himachal Handicrafts, and artificial jewelry in store for you.

Paragliding, River rafting: 

Paragliding in Shimla is not exactly in the city areas but mostly around it. Waknaghat and Shivpuri are two places where you can enjoy the paragliding activity. The best time to go paragliding is summer and this activity is available for everyone above 12 years of age. As for River-rafting, Shimla offers river rafting at Tattapani, 50 km away from the city center. With high and low currents, sit tight my friend, this is gonna be the best river rafting experience you have ever had.

While visiting this Beautiful City, there is not only the city you can explore, there is much more sound the city that can be a part of your trip as well: 

  • Visiting Chail, Kufri, and Kasol along with Shimla
  • Tattapani for River-rafting
  • Waknaghat and Shivpuri for paragliding
  • Chadwick Falls
  • Naldehra and Shaily peak

Neo Travelmart can be a wonderful partner to help you prepare for your Shimla Trip. The agency travel experts always feel so connected whenever they plan a trip for their clients. They want their clients to experience the joy of a real happy trip. To plan your Shimla trip, you can either visit our office or visit our online portal www.neotravelmart.com for further guidelines. If you are choosing the Neo Travelmart then you are in a safe place. Being a number one travel agency they love to address a few queries of their clients.


Useful tips for your Shimla Trip:

The weather in Shimla is very unpredictable; you don't know what can happen to you in the very next few minutes, so a few tips can be the rescuer during your trip to Shimla. 

Appropriate clothes:

The first thing you need to check during your Shimla trip is the weather forecast, it can change anytime. Make sure you pack according to the weather. If you are planning a summer vacation, pack light, cotton clothes. Bring a jacket with you in case the temperature drops. Winters of Shimla are very, very cold, if you are planning a winter Shimla Trip then make sure you pack heavy jackets, windbreakers, gloves, scarves, and woolen caps, and always carry an umbrella with you because you don't know when it starts pouring in Shimla. Always carry an extra jacket with you, it will be a redeemer for you on chilly nights.

Important Necessities:

This is very important for all your trips, no matter where you go. Start packing with a power bank, sunscreen, torch, earphones/headphones, Umbrella, extra pair of boots, sunglasses, water bottle, Mask and sanitizer, and your prescribed medicine as well as prescription, toothbrush/toothpaste, and an extra sheet. With these essentials, you are always prepared for on-spot plans of trekking or camping.

ID proof: 

Always carry your 'Aadhar Card' with you because you never know when and how you might come in need of your ID so make sure you have copies of your proper documents.

What's the best time to enjoy snow in Shimla?

The snowfall of Shimla is the main event of Shimla. The holiday season starts with snow in Shimla. Shimla looks mesmerizing when the sky is heaps white crystals. So, your whole Shimla trip is incomplete if you haven't seen the snowfall in Shimla. To enjoy the best time of the whole year, plan your trip near the end of December. Snowfall is the holy spirit of the holiday season and the snow pouring continues till February so you can enjoy snow between December and February.

What are the best-selling packages for Shimla?

Shimla is a place where you can visit with anyone; friends, family, or your partner. Shimla will amaze you no matter with whom you plan your trip. Shimla is filled with amazing places you can visit such as the temple, church, national park or museum, or the sunset point, and the amazing nightlife. Shimla is full of surprises, so keep digging. The two most sold budget-friendly packages are the group plan and the honeymoon plan. These two plans received a huge amount of love. A group package is ideal for you; whether you are planning with your friends or surprising your parents with the trip, the Group package is an ideal plan to explore. 

How much does the honeymoon package cost you?

Honeymoon time is the most exciting part for every newlywed couple. This package is full of surprises. Honeymoon packages can be a little costly but it is worth every penny.  There are tons of activities you have experienced with your partner. Go for paragliding or river rafting with your Spouse. With all these activities and a wonderful stay, the honeymoon package is a bit costly. So, if you are planning your honeymoon in Shimla, you will enjoy a premium service honeymoon. Approx. Rs 25,000 is enough for everything you are planning. Staying for 4-5 days in a hotel, meals included, and travel expenses are a good deal to grab. 

How much a Shimla trip can cost you? 

Rates are different for everyone. Few of us are traveling in groups, few are traveling solo and few are exploring and every package has different rates and different day-to-night in different hotels. Overall, Shimla trips can be expensive or can be very cheap. It depends on your choice, what side of Shimla you want to enjoy. The idol range for your Shimla trip can lie between 10,000 to 20,000. If you plan your trip with Neo Travelmart, it will be in your chosen budget full of fun activities. 

What are the best places to stay in Shimla? 

Every tourist wants to wake up with the sight of lovely green hills with amazing weather. To make this wish come true, you must stay in reasonable hotels that are located in enchanting areas of the city. Here is a list of beautiful but Budget-friendly Hotels with amazing views, which will complete your trip. 

Shimla Nature Ville: 

This beautiful hotel is located in Summer Hills, Shimla. The rooms are cushy and have balconies from where you can enjoy the serene beauty of Shimla in privacy. The staff is polite and accommodating. It is however located about 4-5 km away from the city.


This hostel would cost you within the price range of INR 1100 to INR 1300 per night stay

Caravan River Camps: 

This place is not exactly a hotel but if you are someone who enjoys a little camping and adventure, along the riverside then this campground is the perfect place for you. This beautiful camp place is located in Sharong, Shimla. They have man-made pools for you to swim in as well as open space for a bonfire! The rooms are however the most amazing thing about this place. This place is amazing for your night stay under the thousands of stars. 


This hostel would cost you within the price range of INR 1800 to INR 2200 per night stay. 

Nice View BNB: 

This beautiful hotel is located in Kanlog, Shimla. The rooms here are cozy with gorgeous detailing and stunning views of the valley. The staff is hospital and responsible. It is only about 2 km from Mall Road and other tourist attractions, so you must consider staying here for your Shimla Trip.

Price: This hostel would cost you within the price range of INR 1400 to INR 1600 per night stay. 

Trips are incomplete without shopping, hence what are the best places to shop in Shimla? 

Shimla is a jackpot for all the shopaholics. Along with the food and views and the tourist places, Shimla's flea market is quite an event when you are in Shimla. Here are the few places in Shimla you need to visit and shop when you are in Shimla: 

The Mall: 

One of the most popular places in Shimla is the Mall. It has dozens of stores of so many kinds. Some of them sell handicrafts while some are offering you the best street food ever! It is so much fun to window shop here and you enjoy the hustle and bustle of true Shimla.

Tibetan Market: 

This market is famous for high-quality Tibetan products such as rugs, antiques, jewelry, etc. You can get a great bargain on so much stuff and enjoy shopping and exploring the hurly-burly alleys. And when you are in the Tibetan Market, momos, laphings, and Maggie are a must to try.

Lakkar Bazaar: 

For the entire street shopping freaks, this market is heaven. The alleys are small and crowded but that just adds to the charm of this bazaar. You can buy everything from famous Kullu shawls to Wooden handicrafts. Your whole trip isn't worth anything if you haven't purchased anything from Lakkar Bazaar. 

What are the best Cafes and Restaurants in Shimla?

Shimla has some of the best cafes to explore, they are full of aesthetics and the environment of these little comfy restaurants and cafes is very calming. Exploring the cutest cafés in Shimla is like a treasure hunt. It feels so good to find a good restaurant. Here are some of my favorite restaurants for you, to save you from all the 'hadhbadh'


This fabulous cafe is located in the Lower Bazaar, Shimla. It has a stunning interior and it gives relaxing and happy vibes. Their food is simply delish and affordable! The staff is also polite and their menu has tons of variety for you to choose from. This place is my go-to place whenever I am in Shimla. 

CAFE 11:11: 

Located in the Kalra Commercial Complex, Mall Road, Shimla, you must visit this cafe for mouth-watering food, vibrant ambiance, and excellent assistance. The seating arrangement is simple and enchanting, and the prices are completely budget-friendly. They also have Join food on their menu

Honey Hut- Shimla:

Located in the Khadi Bhawan, Shimla, you must visit this cafe to taste their unique and utterly delish coffee which they serve with honey. The taste of this combination is mind-blowing and at a good price too! You have to try their Brownie with Hot chocolate & ice cream. It is a quaint cafe with an amazing view. If you are a coffee lover, mark this place on your bucket list!

Book Café: 

Located in the  Ridge, The Mall, Shimla, you must visit this café if you are a bookworm and love a great cup of coffee. This place is heaven for book lovers. The design of this place is inspired by traditional Himachali homes with their slanted roofs of slate and stone. This place is Shangri-La for all the book lovers, who love to read and enjoy their own company with a good cup of coffee. 

When it comes to vacation, the more things are sorted, the more your vacation is fun. That is why Neo Travelmart is the best company to trust with your vacation. Visit their online portal www.neotravelmart.com for more information by professionals. Trust me, when I say you are in safe hands, give up all your stress, and visit us. We will plan your trip together.

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