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Visas & Insurance

Visas & Insurance

INDIA is a country which is inhabited by individuals who really love to travel and explore the world, be it their own country or the other countries of the World. And, when we talk about World and travelling and enjoying the Natural Beauty – we can’t just miss an opportunity to mention ‘Europe’.

But here is a catch – when we think of visiting Europe, we’d need a Schengen Visa to enter multiple foreign countries.

Do Indians require both – Schengen Visa & Insurance to visit Europe?

Yes, as per the requirements and policies of Schengen Countries – you’d require the Schengen Visa mandatorily to enter any of the Schengen region/country. And to obtain this visa – you’ll need a travel insurance certificate that meets certain compliances as decided by them.

What is Schengen Travel Insurance and Why?

Schengen Travel Insurance Policy is nothing but an insurance that a person requires to buy while travelling to any of the European country. Prior to applying for a Visa, one needs to buy Schengen travel insurance plan. So, the Schengen Travel Insurance certificate will provide you the required medical coverage and makes it easy for you to apply and obtain a Schengen Visa.

And, why you need this: That’s because Schengen Travel Insurance Policy will offer you a coverage in around 26 countries of Europe which includes Austria, Hungary, Norway, Belgium, Iceland, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Finland, Lithuania, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Germany, Malta, Switzerland, Greece and Netherlands.

Buying Travel Insurance Policy for Schengen Countries is necessary not just to process your Visa application but it also has other benefits. Likewise, while visiting any unknown country – you may get exposed to multiple contingencies due to one or the other reason which can affect your health or burn a hole in your pocket. From flight delays to baggage loss to trip curtailment to theft events, there are multiple benefits and options covered under Schengen Travel Insurance Policy.

Benefits of Schengen Travel Insurance Policy

Apart from travel costs and visa application expenses, even the routine expenses, basic medical ailments or treatments and even the daily cost of living is a bit higher in Europe than that of India. Hence, opting for a better or the best Schengen Travel Insurance Plan will surely be a good strategy to avoid any hassle during the trip or your stay in Europe. Hence you’ll need this in an emergency medical situation which may, otherwise, wipe off all your savings. Some basic and emergent benefits of a Schengen Travel Insurance Policy:

  • It offers hospital cover and that too in cashless means
  • Any emergency medical expenses, if incurred during the trip, will also be covered in this Policy
  • Any accidental injury during the trip will also be covered
  • It offers personal accident cover and also the medical evacuation cover
  • It offers third-party damage cover
  • Loss of passport (if the case occurs) will also be covered under the Schengen Travel Insurance Policy

However, there are multiple Travel Insurance plans available at Neo Travelmart and the benefits may vary with different plans and their quotes.

Basic Requirements of a Schengen Visa Insurance:

In order to obtain a valid Schengen Visa, the Visa Insurance Policy shall meet the following requirements:

  • It should have a minimum coverage of around 30,000 Euro
  • It should provide coverage for any unwanted or unforeseen medical emergencies which will include medical illness, accidental injury or even medical repatriation cases.
  • This medical insurance shall be applicable in all the Schengen member countries (26 of them) which accept Schengen Visas.

So now you know the importance of Schengen Visa Insurance policy when you have planned to go to a Schengen Country and apply for a Schengen Visa. But do you know there are different types of Schengen Visas and which one are you applying for?

If in case, you’re not aware let me help you with the,

Types of Schengen Visa:

  • Study Visa
  • National Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Airport Transit Visa
  • Official Visit
  • Medical Reasons

All these Visas can be issued for a single entry, double entry or multiple entries which will depend upon the purpose of the visit. The point to be remembered here is that the short stay visa is valid for up to 90 days within a period of 180 days for business or tourist purposes, that too not more than 3 months.

Various documents required during application for Schengen Visa:

  • Duly filled and signed application form
  • Valid Passport
  • Schengen Travel Insurance Policy with the medical cover of minimum 30,000 Euro
  • Air Tickets (obviously)
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • ITR proof for the last 3 years
  • Last 6 months bank statement
  • A letter of declaration for the purpose of travel and duration of stay
  • Admission proof if moving on a Study Visa, for further Studies
  • Appointment letter from the employer (if it’s a Work Visa)

Although the number of documents may increase or decrease depending upon the type of Visa you’re applying for.